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GUEST INVESTIGATORS, submit your evidence to haunted@mivg.com. When sending, please include your name and brief overview of what was going on at the time the evidence was recorded


NOTE: I have repeated audio clip with EVPs 3 times at the end of the full clip. When you
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There was heavy rain during a good part of these investigations. Several suspect EVPs were identified but the voices obscured from the sound of rain. Below are a few EVPs that were clearer.

*** July 21 Investigation ***

Submitted by KAT TEDSEN (Team 1)

EVP1: Mill 3rd floor
We were getting a number of EMF hits in response to questions. The following EVPs were recorded by Kat as she stood near the military uniforms. We believe it says, "The nurse is kind."

EVP2: Mill 3rd floor
A member of our group asked for the name of any spirits in the room. Kat captured an EVP that we believe says, "Kalala" or "Halala". We are currently researching names associated with Wolcott. This may also be a foreign word (there were many immigrants who worked at Wolcott over the many decades. We're also researching this possibility.

EVP3: Second Barn (i.e., Hay Barn)
Our group was assembled running an EVP session. EMF hits that appeared to respond to questions. At one point, the energy centered around one member (Kristan). She asked if the spirit that was near wanted us the leave. This EVP was recorded as she held Kat's audio recorder. We believe it says "Don't leave."

Submitted by SUE BURT (Team 4)

EVP 1: (Barn Museum)
This is the location where it is believed a spirit child (Mary) resides.
EMF hits were occurring. A member of the group (Patti) asked if she had a kitty cat. There appears to be a response.



Evidence from our 2017 investigations


Evidence from our 2016 investigations. CLICK HERE


NATIVE AMERICAN TRANSLATION: Thanks to Cheryl Phillips for EVP Anishnabe translations. Cheryl is the mother of Anishnabe chidren (Ojibwe and Odowa, Grand Traverse Band, Thunder and Beaver Island Clan) and has been involved in Anishnabe tradition, culture, and language for over 24 years.

TEAM 1: 2nd BARN (Straw Barn)

Recorded in the main barn. A question was asked, "Are you Jewish?" A response is heard. We believe is says "Auschwitz" (Noted German Jewish concentration camp, WWII)

EVP - Auschwitz

TEAM 1: Garage

Believed to be Anishinaabe (Ojibwe/Ottawa) response, "Odoodem". This word translates to "clan". According to our translator, the accent on the word is perfect. Very likely, a female Ojibwe spirit wondering or asking Team 1 about their clan

EVP - Odoodem

TEAM 1: 2nd BARN

Recorded by TEAM 1.. This EVP is unclear. It may be a name or a foreign language. The phonetic pronunciation is "Darnis-a-pea". We will be checking census records to see if we can find someone in the area with that last name. If you have a different take on the EVP, please email haunted@mivg.com subject *Darnis-a-pea" EVP.

**Possible interpretation suggested by Kathie Kenney, "Darrel, listen."

EVP - Darnas-A-Pea

WORKSHOP (Kat Tedsen)

Around 8:20 pm Kat Tedsen went into the workshop alone (all other teams were investigating other sites). During the 2014 investigations, considerable EMF hits were received and she was curious to see if the energy still remained n 2015. Approximately 10 minutes into her EVP session the K2 meter began to go off.

Several very low-level EVPs were recorded in this session (HEADPHONES or EAR BUDS may be required). Near the end of her session, the K2 stops responding, Kat asks if the spirit to make a sound. It is shortly after that the K2 stops responding. Kat sks if the spirit is still there and, when nothing is hear, leaves. Not long after she leaves, there is a loud, clear clank. Two additional EVPs were rerecorded. We believe one says "HELP ME" and the second says "SHE'S MOVING ON."

BELOW LINK IS APPROX. 2 Minutes. Note: Tow final EVPs enhanced and repeated at the end.

CLANK with EVP "Help me" and- "She's already gone"



Shortly after break, Kat Tedsen joined four other women in the workshop. After a time the EMF levels began to escalate with responses suggesting the energy of a Native American spirit was present. Possibly a warrior who had died on the property. There were several low-level EVPs recorded. This, however, was the most clear. Our Native American translator believes the response is likely Potowatami in origin and may reference a "body" or "carcass". The EVP phonetically sounds like "Why-o" or "Wey-O"

EVP-Why-O (or Wey-O)

-- 2014 RECORDINGS --

Recorded when Kat was outside, walking back to the gathering room at the Old Mill. She was alone. All other guests were running sessions in various locations. EVP: "Jim [or Jack], somebody's coming." If you think you understand the entire sentence, please submit to: haunted@mivg.com

EVP - Jim [or - Jack], somebody's coming.

Recorded in the main barn. Kat Tedsen had just joined a group investigating the main barn. Shortly after arriving, this was recorded. Note: K22 (EMF) spike shortly after recorded EVP.

EVP - It's you again - or - Good to see you again