The Michigan Vacation Guide
8th Edition - January 2005
Published by: TR Desktop Publishing
Phone/Fax: (586) 228-8780 or Email:

Listings of 50 words or less are free to qualified property owners. There is a nominal, one-time-only setup fee of $20.00 charged to all new property owners. This will establish your file in our database. Thereafter, with every new update/publishing of our Guide, property descriptions of 50 words or less are FREE to qualified property owners.

To Qualify

1. Your rental property must be in Michigan.

2. The rented property must include one or more of the following: Cottage - Cabin - Chalet - Condominium - Bed & Breakfast (hotels/motels are only eligible if they rent one of the above described lodgings).

3. A Property Owner's Questionnaire must be completed and photographs of your rental property submitted to TR DESKTOP PUBLISHING along with your $20.00 setup fee. To obtain a Property Owner's Questionnaire or for more information, please contact us via email at:

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